The world is just a bit brighter today and it’s not only because of the sunny weather. Julia Roberts has joined Instagram and we know her feed is just going to be full of nice pictures and quotes to make our days eternally lovely.

The actress joined Instagram yesterday and has already gathered (at the time of writing) 389,000 followers.

Typically social media shy, this is the first public account she has ever had, being on neither Twitter nor Facebook. The actress has not commented on why she decided to join the app.

So far, she has shared just two posts. The first one is of her smiling to the camera wearing a jumper that says ‘Love’. It is captioned ‘Hello.’



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The second image is black-and-white and portrays her and a friend wearing t-shirts that both say ‘You can’t make everyone happy. You are not an avocado.’


ðŸ¥'ðŸ'­ðŸ¥' @theresetsocial

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Well, with messages of love, hello and avocados coupled with her distinct Julia Roberts smile, we’re feeling happy anyway.


Julia Roberts last starred in the film ‘Wonder.’

Last October, she recreated a number of her iconic movie moments, including ones from ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Stepmom’, with James Corden.