Julia Roberts by passed Fox News reporter Roger Friedman at the Premiere of her film 'Duplicity' in New York. She recently admitted that the thought of the red carpet gave her the heebie geebies, seeing that the last time she graced the carpet was back in 1999 for the premiere of Notting Hill. Roberts had to be convinced by Clive Owen that it's not that bad.

However, as Roberts was walking with her publicist she spotted Friedman and said "He's the man that wrote bad things about me". It all went down when the Fox reporter apparently broke an embargo on a play that she was in and, let's just say, he did not sing her praises.

"Roberts didn't hesitate to cut me dead. She was rude, downright nasty and dismissive" said Freidman.  Meoowww!

- Alicia Coyle

(Sheena McGinley is away)