Jordan Dunn took to the pitch during the West Ham-Tottenham game last month and managed to swing his boot at a free kick before he was caught by stewards, but the judge who sentenced him this week thought he showed some promise. 

Dunn admitted that he had invaded the pitch, and that he had a few drinks on him at the time of taking the free kick, which was a fairly tame effort. 

It seems that the judge who he appeared before yesterday was a bit of a football fan himself, however, and had a few critiques for the technique that Dunn employed for the free kick. In sentencing, he said that “it was a longer run than was strictly necessary. You had consumed alcohol and your stride pattern was a bit out of kilter, but to borrow a phrase you did bend it like Beckham. Regrettably it was about 30mph slower than Beckham.”

He wasn't finished there however, as he also added that he did at least get his effort on target, where as Christian Eriksen, the professional player who followed him, "did not do any better" despite the fact that the invader's effort was "easily saved" by West Ham's keeper. 

Dunn was hit with a £305 fine, but was not given a banning order, which the 22-year-old said was a relief, as he wants to be able to take his young son to games when he grows up, having been a West Ham fan himself since he was a lad.