Not that it needed to be made official, but we can categorically say that Jonathan Rhys Meyers, airports and booze do not a good mix make *hics*

Over the last few years, he's been arrested for being inebriated in Dublin Airport in November 2007, Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport last June (he "got embroiled in a drunken scuffle" with airport staff when they refused to serve him more drink), and now he can add New York's JFK AND - a racial slur - to his bow.

The Irish Sun reports: "Rhys Meyers, 32, from Cork, was due to board an early morning United Airlines flight to Los Angeles, but shocked airport staff intervened after they saw him 'pounding drinks' in the swanky lounge beforehand. The actor was so drunk when his 7am flight was called for boarding last week that staff blocked his entry. Witnesses said the Mission: Impossible III heart-throb was 'out of control', 'belligerent' and 'disruptive'. And last night, an airport source told that when staff told him he wasn't going to be allowed board, JRM became furious and started spewing the N-word. The website reported a UA employee confirmed the incident."

Unsurprisingly, Rhys Meyers has since been banned from all United Airline flights. In other unsurprising news, his management are said to be keen to get him back into rehab - for the fourth time.

An "insider" talking to the paper added: "Incidents like this are bound to be extremely damaging to Jonathan's career. He clearly needs help and the people around him really want to intervene. His girlfriend Reena Hammer is devastated by this latest incident and she wants to get him help as soon as possible. It's not only his career that's at stake, his whole life is if he doesn't get a handle on this drinking."

Sources speaking to The Irish Daily Mirror, meanwhile, say his behaviour stems from the death of his mother: "His brothers and sisters have been urging him to look after himself. He is in a bad way but he can only help himself. Sometimes it's hard to even get in touch with him to tell him we are worried. The worst thing is Jonathan is actually a very caring and sensitive person but when the boozing starts, he completely changes. He needs help."

Of being pictured wandering the streets of London armed with a can of Strongbow a few days after the death of his mum, the source added: "He has never really got over it and that's why there have been so many problems with the drink since then. He is an emotional wreck."

At the risk of sounding insensitive: Jonathan, some of us don't have the luxury of falling apart. Pull your bones together, otherwise you'll depart this planet a very, very lonely man.