You mightn't know it, but it happens to be Halloween today. So, in some semblance of celebration, here's a gory story from Las Vegas actor Josh Duhamel; "I've got a lot of friends with kids. Two of my friends have three kids. They all have children except for me - so I've got to get on the horse! I don't know when we will start. I feel a little bit jealous of my friends. But I'm taking my time. We'll do it when it's right. It's busy right now for me and my girl. It will happen." For those not aware, Josh's "girl" / "horse" is Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. It gets worse; "Playing a dad-to-be (in Las Vegas) has been fun for me because you get a chance to learn what any sort of guy goes through when he's waiting to become a father. I've never been through that and it's sort of dawned on me what sort of things would probably happen. Maybe your lady would think you had stopped finding her sexually attractive when in fact, maybe you're just worried that you're going to hurt the baby. And then you realise you can't hurt the baby, you've just got to do it doggie style!"