Well, it's been a very emotional few weeks for Katie Price. What with splitting up with her Barbie & Ken look alike, Peter Andre, then all the stories in the tabloids about the break up, the fighting over the children. But nothing helps more then a huge piss up in Ibiza, and if your Jordan, well, one can only imagine what will go on.

Apparently the ex-glamour model has jetted off to the Spanish island with friends to "let her hair down....as she has had an emotionally knackering five weeks" (*whispers* and I think we all agree that the photo speaks for itself). In fairness, she didn't look that knackered at her fashion show a couple of weeks ago. Ms Price is staying at an adult only hotel and headed straight for the bar and then the pool with a cocktail. So where are these children that are the core of her every being? Well it's Peter's week with them and he has taken them to Cyprus to spend time with his family.

If sources are to be believed, Katie was also in the company of a camera crew for yet ANOTHER reality TV show she is recording. In her OK! Column the other day, Katie revealed how she took anti-depressants during her 4 year marriage to Peter but is now off them and "feels better than ever". Seemingly she is putting all her energy into boxing to release all that anger that is built up inside. Let's just hope she leaves it in the ring.

- Alicia Coyle

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