What's a girl to do when her hubby officially wants nought to do with her? Make as much money as she can out of searing pain by appearing on Friday Night With Wossy.

A "credible" source told The News of The World: "It will be her first full interview about the split. She will reveal why Peter walked out and her efforts to get him back. Jonathan is delighted to have her on the show. He knows it's the first time she has spoken about it on TV and it's a real coup. Jordan knows he is really going to take the mickey and she has to be on her guard. But she has known Jonathan for a few years and is really looking forward to it. It should make brilliant TV." Said source probably finds Katie and Peter: Stateside "brilliant TV".

While Jordan is going around hawking her tale of woe, Peter is making TV of his own... Yep, those wonders at ITV2 have given Andre a two-year deal to continue the reality show on a solo basis. He has "the likeabilty factor", apparently. It's also easy to take the Michael out of him and that always makes for good TV.