Jordan's remodelling her breasts again, and passing it off as some kind of gift for hubby, Peter. This time she's getting them reduced for his Christmas present. I'm almost certain she got them made bigger for a birthday present not too long ago, no? The Sun said; "The former glamour girl, who was also showing off her new brown rinse, is going under the knife before Christmas to have a breast reduction for hubby Peter Andre. She says the surgery will make them more 'perky'." The Sun failed to clarify if they meant her hair or her skin when they made reference to her "new brown rinse." In other Andre news; he has called Liam Gallagher a coward for recently referring to him as a "pikey c****." In retaliation to the comment, Peter said; "We bumped into him at a Radio 1 event and he told us how great he thought we were and how his mother Peggy was a big fan. It's such a shame he was too much of a coward to tell us how he really felt to our faces instead of being two-faced. That man is all mouth and no trousers!" You tell him, Pete.