Another day, another load of photos of a mother of three unraveling, despite being held together by various tight lame ensembles. We're not going to go on about Jordan's antics in Ibiza (okay, okay - she's been boozing until 10am; not turning up to shoot her new reality show; telling fellow female clubbers they're ugly/fat; the model dude she's been pictured with - Sir Anthony Waxesalot - has now started blabbing to the press about their wild nights, etc), for pictures convey more than words ever could... although Peter Andre's done a surprisingly succinct job:

"I don't recognise her as my wife. Has she no idea what this will be like for the kids? (well, at least the eldest one has sight issues) It was Katie who I fell in love with and married but it looks like she just wanted all along to be her old self, Jordan. I can't believe what I'm seeing. She's like a caged animal that's been let out... Kate is right about one thing... there were three of us in our marriage - me, Kate and Jordan."

The latter statement was in response to Jordan stating last week: "There were three people in this marriage - me, Pete and Claire Powell." Powell, you see, was Katie and Peter's agent - and she advised Katie to keep Jordan under wraps. It was only a matter of time before that backfired.
As for Jordan's parenting skills; it would appear she favours adopting her mother's "blind eye" approach. Of seeing Peter bawling with his mum (Thea) when she arrived to Cyprus from Australia, Jordan's ma Amy said: "He wanted this divorce, he instigated it, and he got what he wanted. So why is he upset?" Um, because the mother of his kids is f***ed? And, when asked how her daughter was coping, she said "Katie's fine." HAH! Funny, Amy, but this isn't really the time to be cracking jokes. Especially with Peter feeling as vulnerable as he is - and now his mother's after doing herself an injury. She's been hospital after falling "badly on gravel at the singers home in Cyprus". *rolls eyes* That's really helpful, Thea.