Jools and Jamie Oliver are known for food, family values and having five children. They are also known for giving their kids unusual monikers.

So far they’ve had a Poppy Honey Rosie (14), a Daisy Boo Pamela (13), a Petal Blossom Rainbow (7) and a Buddy Bear Maurice (5). Now, along comes:


🚀 ðŸ'™

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River? Sure seems like that’s what it is. The name of the fifth little Oliver hasn’t been confirmed per se, but Jools posted that on Instagram yesterday, and it seems about right.

River isn’t an unusual celeb baby name; Keri Russell (Felicity) has a nine-year-old River; Kelly Clarkson has a two-year-old daughter, River Rose; and one of the Hansens – Taylor – has a son. 

OK so maybe River isn't that unique a name after all but it fits in with his siblings and that's all that matters.