I refuse to entertain thoughts that the following is based on any form of fact. The notion of this realm of reality existing is so ridiculous to comprehend, that the claim's inventor deserves a hearty handshake which turns into a full-on neck shake followed by a body slam... Jonathan Rhys Meyers (AKA Jonny "The Eyes" O'Keeffe) is "moving in with Pete Doherty." Well that's one way to ensure wandering around the streets in man-Uggs while quaffing off a can of cider becomes a regular thing. A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Jonathan's mother died last month, leaving him heartbroken. Then his girlfriend split with him, forcing him to move out of her north London apartment. Although Jonathan spends a lot of time filming in Los Angeles these days, he still needs somewhere to stay while working in London. So when a mutual friend suggested he and Pete could get a flat together, Jonathan jumped at the chance." Another "source" said: "Jonathan's friend knows that he has had a really rough time of it recently and that Pete has too. So he suggested Pete and Jonathan rent a place to help each other through their tough times. Jonathan thought it was a great idea and has started looking at flats in one block in east London. Pete thinks it's a great idea too." I bet he does; the last thing I heard Pete was residing under a bridge.