Whew. American pop star Ariana Grande certainly hasn't endeared herself to Jonathan Ross, who called her a 'lazy little f*cker' after she failed to turn up to a taping of his show last week.

The donut-licking star was scheduled to be the musical guest on his Saturday night ITV show, which was filmed on Thursday - but Ross told his audience that she was a no-show and that subsequently there would be no music.

"Ariana is in town," he said. "We were told she would be in the car at 6pm to be here for 7pm then it got to 7pm and she was not in the car – 7.30pm and she is still not in the motherf***ing car. So I don’t think we can hold out much hope.

"She was booked but the lazy little fucker has not come. Maybe she has gone to her first Nando’s."

Responding to fans on Twitter who criticised him for being a little harsh, he said "If she had cancelled that would have been no problem. She just didn't show up. Which is a little rude."

It sounds like Grande needs to…erm… 'Focus' on her schedule more… (sorry)...