Now that Jon Stewart is pretty much retired and enjoying it by turning up randomly in places like SummerSlam, he's also taken to rescuing animals in his abundant free time.

Stewart runs a twelve-acre farm sanctuary in New Jersey where he's taken in everything from cows to turkeys to goats. The story began yesterday afternoon when a pair of goats basically went on the run through New York's subway system. The goats weren't holding up service and were basically wandering around the place.

Naturally, the NYPD were called into action and eventually caught up with the goats around Fort Hamilton Parkway where they were tranquilised and carried off to safety. The two goats, who were eventually named Willy and Billy, were brought in with the NYPD and MTA waiting for someone to come and claim them.

Sure enough, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart steps forward and offers to take them on and personally brought said goats to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. There's even footage of Stewart helping to herd the two chaps into the carriage as well.