Christmas time can make us all go a little crazy with the gift giving. Some of us go positively mental in the Two Euro Shop (sure if you can't spoil the family at Christmas, when can you?) while others, like Johnny Depp, gives his girlfriend not a ring, not a car, but a beach. Now as romantic as it is for blonde bombshell Amber Heard to know there's a beach on her fella's island named after her, she'd still be wanting an actual present, no? Like if you think about it, that's just a bit of sand really. Bit scabby if you ask us.

The actor who's appeared in more Tim Burton flicks than you could shake a stick at is said to have chosen a section of Little Hall's Pond in the Bahamas to be named in honour of his new girlfriend - who he shacked up with as soon as he had split from Vanessa Paradis - as a Christmas present.

As per The Sun: 'Johnny knows about romance after having been with a French woman all those years... He is now spending time with Amber in the Bahamas and presented her with her own beach as a Christmas gift.'

Somewhere Vanessa Paradis (who he spent fourteen years of his life with) is probably sticking pins into an Amber Heard style doll.