... because that's appropriate.

The 51-year-old actor reportedly forked out a five figure sum for the work by street artist Pegasus and commissioned him to create another of 32-year-old Catherine - who is currently pregnant with her second child with Prince William - in the buff with her baby bump on display.

The second portrait, entitled 'crowned' (obvs) will feature the Duchess of Cambridge - with nothing but a crown placed on her growing tummy. Yep, given the title it could've been much worse...

The Pirates of the Caribbean star also spent £25,000 on a portrait of Queen Elizabeth as he visited the opening of the artist's gallery in Islington, north London on Sunday, but that's not as news worthy cause Elizabeth presumably is fully clothed in it.

Depp - who is (tenuously) engaged to Amber Heard and has children Lily-Rose, 15, and Jack, 12, with former partner Vanessa Paradis - is said to be a huge fan of Pegasus and "immediately" snapped up the works.

Leonard Villa, the artist's manager, told the Metro: "I knew Johnny was coming and wanted the two Kate Middleton works. I didn't even tell my wife and daughters, but I was expecting him. He was extremely charming and immediately bought the painting and put down an offer for the second one. Everything at the opening of Pegasus' gallery sold within 15 minutes. He can't fulfil his orders fast enough at the moment.'

Meanwhile, Kate - who has 16-month-old son Prince George, and third-in-line to the throne (let's not forget Charles, people) - is due to give birth in April next year.