The best and worst thing about the internet is that it can throw up some amusing (and undeniably entertaining) conspiracy theories from time to time - and it can also ruin your best childhood memories by doing just that.

Depending on where you stand on Grease, you'll probably either feel amused or annoyed by this particular theory.

The film - which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year - has seen fans speculate in recent years on whether Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) is actually dead in the film. Some say that she actually drowned at the beach when she first met Danny (as documented in the song 'Summer Nights'), and the whole rest of the film is her 'coma fantasy', which is why she and Danny fly up into the sky in the car at the end (i.e. she's ascending into heaven).

Nonsense? Perhaps - but now John Travolta himself has weighed in on the theory.

He told USA Today: "‘I love it, imaginations are awesome. These things are bound to happen to something timeless like this. It’s so fun."

He added: "I could have fun with it. But I know the writers of Grease, and I was around in the original days. I can’t take it too far."

Bit non-committal for us, John - but what do you reckon? A ridiculous theory, or one that makes sense?