John Oliver recently hosted a 20th anniversary screening of the satirical flick, Wag the Dog. But it didn't make headlines for the screening, more for Oliver's line of questioining to one of the stars, Dustin Hoffman.

According to Oliver he made it clear from the start that he'd question Hoffman on the allegations of sexual misconduct. And the organisers had zero problem with it.

“I had spoken to the organizers of this event twice before when it was clear he might be there. I said ‘If he is going to be there, I have to ask him about this. I understand you might not want your event to be about this, so you might want to get someone else,’ and they said ‘No no, we want you to do it.’ Then when he confirmed, I said ‘I am going to ask him.’ So it was a collision course was set at that point.”

Oliver received a lot of praise over the interview but was also criticised heavily. His own thoughts seem to of dissapointment.

“It felt unavoidable and that we had to have a discussion about it. It wasn’t ideal but it became such a big story – but it became about my questions rather than his answers. But the questions weren’t particularly remarkable, but his answers were kind of, not great. That was the point of it. But it didn’t really go anywhere constructive, so the whole thing just made me feel sad.”

John Oliver needs to get back on ours screens pronto for more Last Week Tonight. We miss his rants immensely.

Via Russell Howard hour