The Hollywood actors teamed up to spread some festive cheer, and make one struggling dad's Christmas wish come true.

Even with Christmas later this week, we're all in need of some light-hearted and wholesome stories on our newsfeeds today. And just in the nick of time, it's the return of 'Some Good News' to perk us up and get our hearts a-fluttering.

All-round great guy John Krasinski has revived his YouTube series for the holidays, months after the announcement that the series has been sold to CBS. 'The US Office' star began the feelgood web series earlier this year as he felt that we all needed an escape from what was the first of many lockdowns.

Sharing his 15th entry in the series with his 2.5 million subscribers, Krasinski enlisted the help of another dearly admired actor in Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

After telling us about a range of other good news, the host then chatted with Jay Abel, a widowed father of two. In order to get his children their Christmas presents this year, he began selling some of his comic books on eBay. After Krasinski tried to buy all of his comics, the father began to get suspicious of this random buyer, and blocked his account.

So in order to help Abel without him knowing, he enlisted the help of the 'Jumanji' star. The action hero - complete with a "Dwanta" hat - said he'd take care of his children's Christmas wish lists, as well as giving him a visit to the set of his 'Black Adam' DC movie.

Johnson told Abel: "You are what the holidays are all about. You embody the spirit. And I feel very confident I can speak for my friend John here in that, you know, the true measure of a man and true measure of a human being truly is always what's in their heart. Always what's deep down in their heart, and their mana."

Here's the full heartwarming 'Some Good News' video for you.