On the 16th of June, the legendary John Hurt released a statement regarding his cancer diagnosis. Cancer is a b*stard in any form, but pancreatic cancer is one of the worst. However, despite the odds, Hurt is thriving thanks to his treatment, and oncologists are reportedly thrilled with his now "fantastic prognosis." Given his appearance at London Film Festival Suffragette Premiere, he's come on leaps and bounds. 

According to sources, Hurt said the following while attending the Man Booker Prize earlier in the week: "I had the final scan yesterday [Monday] and I saw my oncologist this morning [Tuesday]. I am overjoyed, I am thrilled. It all looks great for the future, it's fantastic."  While he didn't want to jinx things by using the word "remission" even "if it’s true."

His agent added to BBC Norfolk: "Sir John has been given very good news by his oncologist but it falls short of an all-clear. Nonetheless it's very good news."

It is extremely good news and it sounds like they caught it in the nick of time. If you're ever concerned, don't rest on your laurels, do something about it. 

Via The Huffington Post