He had a scene-stealing cameo in Trainwreck and he's set to repeat it again in Sisters, the Amy Poehler / Tina Fey comedy that's going up against The Force Awakens in December.

However, he's not just doing the whole acting cameo thing. Although he's on a hiatus from professional wrestling, John Cena's also turning his shovel-like hands to - you guessed it - reality television.

Following on from the success of Stone Cold Steve Austin's show, Broken Skull Challenge, John Cena will now be hosting his own survival reality TV show called American Grit.

Amazing. We can literally feel the patriotism from here.

American Grit will see contestants battle it out in military-themed exercises and led by actual soldiers from the US Armed Forces for a cool $1,000,000 cash prize. The three teams will be led by a former sniper called The Reaper, an ex-Navy SEAL and an Iraq War vet who was the only woman to go out with her unit during the 2003 invasion.

This reality TV show sounds so 'Murican, it'll probably cause viewers to literally explode in a burst of freedom and clotted arteries.



Via WWE.com