They are quite literally giving away stars for the Hollywood Walk of Fame at this point...

Among those due to recieve their own bit of historic floor fodder next year include Jennifer Aniston (OK, for the contribution that was Friends a lifetime ago, understandable. But for her collection of Motion Pictures?); Scarlett Johansson (she's nice to look at and has appeared in one or two great pieces of film, but still); and Jennifer Lopez (nope, sorry, no excuse for that. The fact she's receiving it thanks to her work as a "recording artist" makes it worse). Oh and Vin Diesel... (I rest my case).

Kate Winslet and Matt Groening, who are also due to get their own stars in 2012, are no doubt thrilled to be lumped in with such esteemed company. As for the posthumous stars being awarded to the legends that are singer Barry White and actor Richard Burton, well, they must be spinning out of their graves with glee.

The full list of Walk of Fame recipients for 2012 are:

Motion Pictures
Jennifer Aniston
Vin Diesel
Scarlett Johansson
John Lasseter
Malcolm McDowell
Sumner Redstone
Kate Winslet
Richard Burton (posthumous)

Valerie Bertinelli
Matt Groening
Masika Hargitay
Patricia Heaton
Marg Helgenberger
Walter Kroenig
Adam West

Pepe Aguilar
Boyz II Men
Hal David
David Foster
Vince Gill
Jennifer Lopez
Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart)
Barry White (posthumous)

Ellen K