How does a father surpass looking at his daughter writhe around a wet bonnet in a bikini or passing comment on her boobs? By delivering her to someone he admires. This is the latest in a long string of brow-arching moments brought to you by Joe Simpson. According to the New York Post; "Joe and Tony (Romo) have been friendly for a while. Joe is a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, and Tony has always had a crush on her - he even said on his website like a year ago that it was his dream to date her. Jessica has been in Nashville and Dallas recording her new country album. When Tony found out, he called Joe and said, 'I know she's not dating anyone right now, can I take her out for a drink at least?'" And now, lo and behold, Tony reportedly spent a lovely Thanksgiving with the Simpson clan in Waco, Texas and the couple are said to be very happy. Deduce from that what you will.