Ashlee Simpson's father has banned her from bringing boyfriend Pete Wentz home for Christmas. The 'Autobiography' singer was told by her father-and-manager Joe - a former Baptist preacher - the Fall Out Boy rocker is not welcome to spend the holidays with them after Pete admitted he has kissed other men. A source told America's Star magazine: "Joe has told Ashlee she can't bring Pete home for the holidays... There is a rumour Pete tried to commit suicide, but with the news of his possible bisexuality, Joe blew his top. Ashlee is upset, but she values her dad's opinions and has agreed." This is obviously why Joe has made sure his other daughter Jessica is dating a "suitable guy" by setting her up with Tony Romo. Jessica has been dating the Dallas Cowboys quarterback since Joe introduced them in mid-November, but her father may draw the line at their recent behaviour - they spotted rolling around on top of each other in the middle of Hollywood nightclub Teddy's on Saturday night. A source told US Weekly magazine: "They were all over each other on the couch, making out. They were on top of each other! It was a little bit much for a public place." I'm sure Joe will be kicking himself he wasn't there to supervise the proceedings.