A homeless man who posted his CV on Twitter has found himself inundated with job offers as a result. 

The amazing story of Jordan Lockett has been going viral recently, since the young homeless man managed to get his CV online and in front of thousands of people.

It was a bit of a longshot for Lockett, but after Aaron O'Dwyer stopped to give him some money, he asked him to help him out so that he could try and get a job and get himself off the streets. He explained to O'Dwyer that he was at the bottom of the list for housing as a result of the fact that he was "young and fit", so he had to do something to help himself get out of the situation he was in, and asked him to post his handwritten CV online.

The CV states that he was "sick of wasting away now" and that he's written his CV by hand because he doesn't have any other way of getting it out there. Speaking to The Metro, O'Dwyer said that he spotted Lockett on the street on his way back from an interview, and decided to give him £5, which was when he asked the favour of him. "I saw that it was a pretty sad plea for help so I thought if I put it on Twitter someone in Liverpool might know him or offer help", O'Dwyer said, and he was proven right. 

The tweet quickly went viral, and the idea worked, as the story was picked up by local media and then shared all over the world, and job offers have been coming in thick and fast for Lockett. Not only that but O'Dwyer's brother and sister have both been in touch since, and he's been offered an interview with a local restaurant and rendering business.

Via The Metro