Considering he's still regarded as one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood, one would expect that getting to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best perks of the job for a lot of actresses. 

Not so, according to Joanna Lumley. The Absolutely Fabulous star has admitted that she didn't enjoy her kissing scene with the Oscar winner in The Wolf of Wall Street one bit. 

‘I did kiss Leonardo DiCaprio, about 15 times in fact,’ she told the Telegraph. However, according to Lumley kissing actors is actually about as much fun as "snogging in a dentist's waiting room."

"It's actually no fun kissing actors, no fun at all. There are so many takes and you both have to chew so much chewing gum."

The pair's kissing scene comes when DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort tries to sweet talk his wife's Aunt Emma into hiding his ill gotten gains in Swiss bank accounts. 

Lumley's feelings about onscreen kissing is in stark contrast to Dianne Keaton who admitted last week that she enjoyed being able to kiss men without any consequences. 

“Think of all the men you get to kiss and you don't have to pay the price. The relationship is perfect because you are in the story and it's the greatest thing kissing a man in a movie."

"People say it is hard, but they are wrong. It's the best. It doesn't get any better.”

Each to their own we suppose? 

Via The Telegraph