Why have just the one 40th birthday party when you can have threeeeeee? Aaah, 'cause you can't afford one, let alone three. Yeah, Jennifer Lopez doesn't have that issue.

Ms Lopez celebrated what she thought was her only birthday bash on Friday night at NYC's Hotel Griffou in Greenwich. It was just dinner, but that didn't stop JLo from wrapping herself in tinfoil, while Ferret Features thought he'd remain casual by inviting only the bottom half of his tux to hold him upright for the evening.

Birthday celebration number two came in the form of impromptu cake eating on Saturday, when the crew of "Jennifer's latest film, The Back-Up Plan (plug, plug, plug) dutifully threw a wee knees up once the day's shooting had wrapped.

She was then whisked away to New York's Edison Ballroom that evening for her "surprise" birthday celebration. She had NO idea what was being sprung on her, but managed to dress like a Grecian goddess nonetheless, failed to notice that West 47th street had been closed for her arrival, and germinated a few tears when she saw yet another version of her name in lights.

There are varying reports as to who was at what party. Some sources are saying Madonna and Rihanna were at Friday's festivities (dancing "exuberantly to Rob Base and DJ EZ's hit It Takes Two"), while Saturday's surprise event, devised by her loving husband, boasted Liza Minelli (who broke out her jeans for the occasion), Ricky 'I've got twins too!' Martin, and Leah 'The King of Queens' Remini.

Good work, Marc. She really looks thrilled with the turn out.