In the world of celebrity relationships, Jennifer Lopez and baseball player Alex Rodriguez appear to have some life left in them yet.

After reports began to circulate yesterday that J-Lo and A-Rod were finished, it now appears that that's not actually the case. In a statement sent to People Magazine last night, a joint statement denied the rumours, while a follow-up source added that the couple "never officially broke up and talked about it but are still together." Maybe they're taking some time to Get Right?

The pair became engaged in March 2019 after two years of dating, but like everyone else, they've had to suspend their plans until after the pandemic. Jennifer Lopez is currently understood to be in the Dominican Republic where she's filming 'Shotgun Wedding', an action comedy which was originally supposed to star fellow celebrity-in-the-spotlight (albeit for all the wrong reasons) Armie Hammer.

So far, it's unclear why the couple split. Rumours have persisted for some time that A-Rod had an affair with a reality TV star, however, People Magazine's source said the speculation had no bearing on the supposed rough patch the couple are currently in.

We'll stick our neck out here and say that this probably isn't the last you've heard about this. Just a feeling.