Until 2010, Jimmy Kimmel was never one to pay much attention to his weight or health. 

Then he had celebrity physician, Dr. Oz on his show and after a private consultation realised that he needed to lose some of his 208lbs fast.

He took action and in the past few years, the talk show host has been looking much leaner and healthier.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kimmel revealed the diet secret to his success. Good old fashioned starvation. 

"I starve, number one. And really that's number one — and one through 10."

When the interviewer pressed him on if he was being serious he confirmed that he doesn't eat two days a week. 

"I do. I don't eat two days a week. And people are fascinated by it but it works. If you cut two days of food out of your life you will lose weight."

The shocked interviewer exclaimed that not eating two days a week is really hard to do, To which Kimmel replied; "Ugh. Yeah, I know."

When told that it sounds like the worst diet idea ever, Kimmel quipped: "That's what it's called, The Worst Diet Ever. TWDE."

So there you have it folks. That's Kimmel's secret. A little too extreme for our tastes but whatever works for you right?