It is official, walking through the doors of RTE renders you comically barren (with the notable exception of Tommy and Hector *salutes*)

It all makes sense now; last week I was shocked to learn that Neil Delamere, when not recording material for RTE, is in fact a laugh riot. I was also rather jarred when I too once walked through the doors of Montrose only to feel any semblance of sardonic wit drain from the brain and be replaced by a small nodding dog that yapped softly on demand.

There's that pesky digression again. Today, we're talking about Jim-Jim Nugent leaving RTE. The story doing the rounds in the press suggests he was omitted from the autumn schedule (as was Nikki Hayes... a tragic loss. How CorMAC BATtle and Ruth Scott are still getting away with it defies logic), meaning Colm Hayes, his co-presenter for nigh a decade, will do the breakfast show on his todd...

Correct me if I'm wrong (it's a regular occurrence), but am I right in saying Colm and Jim-Jim haven't presented together since Gerry Ryan departed the planet in late April this year? One would think Colm would've ran back into the arms of his chubby cherub after having to take over Ryan's slot with Lucky Kennedy. Nay.

I'd wager Colm, after presenting breakfast radio for innumerable years, got a gra for his alarm clock rousing him at a more reasonable hour, and he's snouted about for a solo show slightly later on in the day. But that's how rumours start. It could just simply be a case of a mandatory reshuffle; RTE haven't seen the rise in listenership they expected since the duo joined 2fm in 2007. Their ratings have fallen year on year, and they never won the coveted PPI Breakfast Show of the Year accolade while in the post (*ahems* unlike KC and Lenny who won two years on the trot. Apologies, I had to get that in). And let's not delve into the murky abyss that was Colm and Jim-Jim's Home Run...

What we do know for certain is that Jim-Jim left this, according to The Sun, "bizarre online rant." Given he's been forced to wake before dawn's crack for a lifetime, said "rant" is remarkably tame. For those unable to view videos, it depicts an animated Larry King saying: "It is with great sadness that I must tell you that Jim-Jim Nugent has resigned from 2FM and RTE. There are many reasons why, the main one is they refused to remove the music of Glee from the feckin' playlist. Programme Director of 2FM, John McMahon (the pronounciation of which is fantastic) has tears running down his legs as Jim-Jim told him he was leaving and left what can only be described as an embarrassing puddle. RTE are like the opposite of the Mafia - they made Jim-Jim and offer he couldn't accept."

In response, an RTE spokesperson said: "We've seen the video, it's very funny (see what I mean? NO one in RTE has a sense of humour). All will be revealed at the launch." The stations "new" line up is due to be revealed today. It will include Ryan Tubridy taking over from Gerry Ryan, just so 2FM don't have to devise an alternative to "the Ryan line is open." I'm not sure what information Tubs has on station bosses, but he's managed to wangle a two-hour show (from 9am - 11am). Even Gerry's jowls' managed to stretch to three.

So, what's Jim-Jim going to do with himself now? Seemingly, he's going to pursue a career in stand up. The very best of luck for with that, Jim. On behalf of younger self, I'd like to thank you for making me laugh every morning while I was stuck on the Number 7 bus for well over an hour, throughout the mid-noughties. You know, when you were allowed be yourselves on The Strawberry Alarm Clock. When you really were "the funny one."