Jim Carrey will face a trial over the wrongful death of his girlfriend Cathriona White after a California judge ruled that she was not yet ready to throw the case out. 

White, a Tipperary native, was found dead in her apartment in September 2015 after overdosing on prescription drugs including Ambien, Propranolol and Percocet.

In September of last year, White's estranged husband Mark Burton filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the actor claiming that Carrey had illegally provided White with the drugs which killed her. In October of 2016, White's mother Brigid Sweetman filed her own lawsuit against Carrey for similar claims to Burton. 

Carrey labelled Sweetman's lawsuit at the time as a "shameful shakedown for money" and accused her of seeking to "profit from the suicide-death of her long-estranged daughter" who "chose to end her own life in 2015 on the third anniversary of her beloved father's death."

According to the Independent, a judge at Los Angeles Superior Court indicated on Wednesday that she would not be throwing out Sweetman's suit and estimated that a trial could last up to twenty days. Judge Deirdre Hill made it clear that she wanted to study the issues further and was not ready to issue a final ruling. 

Carrey's lawyer Raymond Boucher said that the trial will be a very painful process for the star. 

‘Mr Carrey loved Ms White dearly and so obviously it will be a very painful process for him.’

Via The Independent