Each day, we wake up and think that there isn't some line that Donald Trump can't cross or do. Each day, we're disappointed to find that he actually can.

His latest one, however, is just incredible in the fact that it's A) basically a meme shitpost, and B) this is coming from the 45th President of the United States. The GIF is taken from a clip from the infamous Battle Of The Billionaires event from WrestleMania 23, which was a piss-poor storyline involving Vince McMahon betting his hair - yes, really - against Donald Trump. The two billionaires chose wrestlers to fight on their behalf.

Trump had Bobby Lashley and McMahon had Umaga, whilst Stone Cold Steve Austin acted as special guest referee. It was a pretty dull match, but one scene involved Trump clotheslining McMahon and him celebrating wildly for performing a scripted manoeuvre.

So, to the tweet. Trump's social media team - or maybe Trump himself - took a CNN logo and placed it over McMahon's face, so it looked like he was clotheslining CNN.

Here's the tweet.

And here's the original video for reference.

What in the actual shit is going on.


Via Twitter