This is not a drill. This is actually happening, and not a moment too soon! Jessica Biel is launching her own series of online sexual education videos as she "didn't know what was going on" inside her own body. 

Biel, who gave birth to husband Justin Timberlake's son Silas 5 months ago, said of trying to get pregnant: "Now what happens?I've been on the Pill for so long; how hard will it be to get pregnant? [When should you have sex if you want to conceive - and if you don’t?] Suddenly I realized I really didn't know what's going on inside my own body. It was shocking."

Us Weekly reports that Biel has now joined forces with WomanCare Global founder Saundra Pelletier to release the series which will tackle an array of subjects - like menstruation, which shoudn't be a big deal given it happens to half the world's population once a month. Biel recalls her first period, saying: "I was in a school play, wearing a gray beard and this pad the size of a skateboard and thinking, ‘What is happening to me?' We want girls to know what their [body is going through] so they don't feel scared or ashamed or gross."

Biel said the videos will be be "informative but also goofy, smart, witty,” and will focus on “girl stories, fears, and insecurities."

Finally a series of videos online that won't scare the bejaysis out of tweens across the globe - assuming they google for 'Jessica Biel Sex-Ed Videos' and not just 'Jessica Biel sex video'.