On the same weekend Total Recall is released?! In some hole or other? And in secret, just like Brad and Angelina didn't? Well I never.

Last week, during her countless junkets for the film (which was released this weekend), Biel said she hadn't planned that much for the wedding, and now some celebrity gossip columnist who wants to make a name for themselves is saying they got hitched this weekend? The same weekend Total Recall released?? Madness.

The Sun reports this morning: "The singer, 31, and Total Recall star, 30, got engaged in the ski resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at Christmas - and are now reported to have wed there… web gossip columnist Janet Charlton said on Saturday: 'They pulled a fast one! They are in the middle of their ceremony at a very fancy private estate'." Wedding cake designer Sylvia Weinstock had also revealed that she was in Jackson Hole."

On the same weekend Total Recall is released. What are the odds...