Well now this is just crushing. Is that what motherhood does to a woman?

In a conversation with E! online, the woman that most women (ok, just me) are most likely to turn for said: "I never feel sexy (No, I don't believe it). I never do (NAAAAH!), and that's the truth (You liar *giggles*). I'm always wondering when my next break is. I want to call home and talk to my husband (*rolls eyes*) or talk to my friends or check on my daughter. I'm never thinking I'm sexy... Life moves so fast as a new mom. Sometimes I wish time would slow down. Every milestone is memorable, from the numerous wardrobe changes in her first five months due to her explosive diarrhea, to the first time she said, 'Mama.'"

Point taken. There's nothing quite like a miniature sh*tting machine to make you feel dead from the waist down. I'll raise that point with my sisters the next time they start badgering me about having one of my own. It never stops. "You're getting on now, did you know once you hit 30 you stop ovulating every month?" Nope. Thanks for that. One sister even went so far as to say in front of the boyfriend over dinner: "Did you know our side of the family start the menopause in their late 30s? You better get cracking!" It was the first time he'd met a member of my family. We'd been seeing each other for three months.

In fact, every female family member is at it. I was with my neice there a few weeks back, when she whipped around and said: "Sheena? When are you going to get a child?" She's 8. I said: "Can I not just pretend you're my child whenever people ask me that annoying question." She replied with "Oookkkkkay. Why is it annoying?" "You'll know what I mean when I ask you the same question in 24 years time." "That'll NEVER happen." "Wanna bet?"