I'm not sure how Jesse Metcalfe getting thumped by Taryn Manning's boyfriend qualifies as news but it's worth a mention given the pictures of the incident doing the rounds. How staged does this look? "OK man, I'm going to put my arm around your girlfriend, who I wouldn't touch with my ten foot barge pole. Then I'm going to tense my stomach and pout, at which point you pull up my shirt for some explicable reason. Now, when you lunge at me, make sure you have on that glove I just gave you - any excess hand sebum in contact with my face slash neck area will reek havoc with my skin. I'll then lightly place my hand on your wrist as if to block you, but I won't use my full force 'cause my might would surely pulverise your bones. We cool? Gee, I hope Nadine sees these and realizes that even though I'm pretty, I'm just as hard as her family and dumps that new dancer dude... I thought that tattoo would DEFINITELY do the trick... OK, and on three... HNNNNGGGGGHH!"