You know Scarlett. That's her in the middle there between her parents who have their eyes constantly set to 'roll'.

Anyway, Scarlett is so famous now that she has her own column in The Daily Star, and this is what she had to say of seeing Jeremy Kyle off The Jeremy Kyle Show try lord it over drunk people in Magaluf with the aid of a camera crew. Blame Magaluf Girl...

That is indeed Scarlett supporting her own pelvis on the bottom left there.

To the column: "It was clear to all that Jeremiah (yep, "Jeremiah") wasn't making a show to promote Maga and wanted to dish the dirt in the name of shock entertainment where his viewers can judge what they don't understand. While he may've thought clubbers too wasted to recognise how out of place he looked, he didn't account for the workers unprepared for their beloved party island to face another slagging. And one bouncer from one of the busiest bars warned Jezza that he couldn't come into the club... It ended with Jezza being pepper-sprayed by the bouncer and the poor fella was as confused as one of his show guests getting a full-house on the lie detector machine."

And that was 'Jeremy Kyle gets pepper sprayed as told by Scarlett Moffatt off Gogglebox.'