Jeremy Irons seems to be adding to his real estate down in the south of the country in a potential plot to take over the entirety of Cork little by little.

Irons was on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show to talk about his new Netflix film 'Munich: The Edge of War' where he plays Neville Chamberlain. However, Meyers seemed way more interested to hear about his Irish castle than anything else. He asked Irons about news that he had recently bought an accompanying island.

"Well I guess I have," answered Irons. "A very small island with a little cottage on it. I can just about swim there from the castle, about 100 metres."

Irons bought the castle in 1998 with his Irish wife and refurbished it over a five year period. The castle was the focus of a 2017 Varity Fair article.

Kilcoe Castle in Cork, where Irons resides.

The Oscar-winner also said that he will be raring "some Kerry ponies and some Galloway cattle to eat it down. I'm farming a little bit more than I'm acting."

Meyers then asked if the locals and tradesmen that he dealt with were aware he was an actor.

Irons answered, "They are. I remember when we were building it. We built the castellations, the bit that goes up and down. We very carefully planned it and had done models and all that and when it was finally built we looked at it I thought it's wrong, it's too small.

"One of my friends said well I'm not telling the builder, you go up there. So I climbed up 13 floors of scaffolding and I got to the top and I said 'This is wonderful guys, this is wonderful what you've built, but actually you got to take it down, we've got to make it bigger. It's not strong enough.'

"He looked at me and said, 'the trouble with working with bloody actors are the bloody rehearsals.'"

Watch the full interview below.

'Munich: The Edge of War' is available on Netflix this Friday.