We were going to go with the usual 'Jeremy Clarkson says something offensive, shocker' title, but that's worn to bits at this point. That and we're not even sure he was aware of what was going on at the time the picture was taken, given he appears to be sleeping.

Here's the skinny. A picture was posted to Jeremy Clarkson's twitter of the Top Gear presenter sleeping slack-jawed on a flight. Behind him, we have James May grinning like a school boy. To Jeremy's right, we have a hand holding up a scrap of paper emblazoned with the words 'GAY C**T' and an arrow, helpfully pointing at Jeremy.

The offending picture has since been deleted, but if you wish to see it, the Independent.co.uk. have it. If anyone is sharpening their pitchforks, such is their lust for a witch hunt, Mr May could be culpable here; he's always so 'butter wouldn't melt, look at how slow I am', but he's clearly aware of what's going on and condoning it. Then again, Jeremy was stupid enough to post it to twitter himself...

The Independent reports: "The famously acerbic TV personality shared the image on his Twitter account alongside the caption: 'Sadly, I fell asleep on the plane.' After attracting a barrage of protesting tweets, the 53-year-old removed the message, posting instead: 

Posting photos to twitter while asleep, Jeremy? That's well impressive. And to think you could've blamed the good folk who hacked your account last year.