'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' had the cast of 'Second Act' team up to guess what was inside a box.

Jennifer Lopez appeared on the show with Jimmy Fallon recently to play his game 'Can You Feel It?' The game involves each person in turn, putting their hand into a box to guess what's inside. It's not too far off a Bushtucker Trial, or a task in Keith Lemon's 'Celebrity Juice'.

After Lopez and Fallon both had two goes each, they were joined by her 'Second Act' co-star Milo Ventimiglia - and all three stuck their hands in the box one final time to guess what was inside.

Fallon is hilarious in this - he's quite the wuss. We also just realised something - Americans call smoked salmon, "lox"? Americanisms strike again.

Have a look at the full clip below, and watch out for Fallon's squeals.