Oh, Jen, honey, no. First the hair and now this? Why is she testing us so? OK, who did this to her? I'm so confused. Is she planning on becoming POTAS or a First Lady? Has she landed a role which involves having to embody Glenn Close at every waking moment? Did it fit her in the hotel, but then she decided to have a few swift ones en route to the premiere, whereupon her pins came apart, she lost her lunch of hunnerds and thousands down her front, and had to be hauled inside the Odeon by Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson?

Sadly, it appears none of the above scenarios have legs. Jennifer is sporting this dress of her own free will. Unless it's a bet. It could be for a bet. Or one of her friends is a designer. Nope, I've no idea who the dress is by, but I'm sure someone's about to tell me.

Tis a far, far cry from the dresses she sported for the last Hunger Games junket. It cuts her off in all the wrong places, and covers the one thing she happily showcased last time. We kinda miss last time... I mean, it's a sad, sad day when Ellie Goulding's under boob comes close to outshining Jennifer Lawerence at her own premiere.

Those minor quibbles aside, it's not every Hollywood star who would happily goof around in the presence of cameras, basically not giving a flying fart how the pictures turn out. And that is why we'll always love her. That or she is just really, really drunk. Either way, stay classy, Jennifer.

A full gallery of tonight's Hunger Games: Catching Fire world premiere will be available in our Photos section in the morning.