No, it’s not Twilight.

Jennifer Lawrence has been on the road promoting her latest movie Red Sparrow and as part of it, she was recently interviewed by veteran radio host Howard Stern.

At one point, the conversation turned to the path Lawrence’s career might have taken as Stern asked about her audition for Twilight.

She said: “I didn’t really know what it was — when you audition when you’re a run of the mill actor, you just get five pages and they’re like, ‘Act, monkey!’ When it came out I was like, hot DAMN, woah!” Lawrence would have been 17 at the time that she auditioned for the part that went to Kristen Stewart.

Upon being asked if she regretted not getting the part, Lawrence said she didn’t and that she and Emma Stone, her friend and fellow Oscar winner, who had auditioned for the same parts as her in the past, have previously talked about missing out on roles.

“The one thing that really killed me, the only time I’ve only ever been truly devastated by losing an audition – because most of the time you’re like Ah, wasn’t meant to be, move on, what can you do – was at Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland,'” Lawrence admitted. “That one devastated me.”

The role went to Mia Wasikowska, and Lawrence said that the actress “was perfect and amazing” in the role. She added that she wouldn’t have been able to pull off a British accent anyway.

The franchise the Lawrence did land, as we all know, was Hunger Games, and Lawrence said that she feared she’d be type cast after getting the part. “I knew it was going to be a life-changer, I knew, and then, the other fear was only being known for that character,” Lawrence said.

She’s been nominated for four Oscars, and won one, for totally distinct roles since so we don’t think there’s any worry about that anymore.


Via The Wrap