Jennifer Lawrence married art dealer Cooke Maroney yesterday in a private ceremony in Newport for around 150 guests.

The guest list, per People Magazine, included names like Adele, Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen, Kris Jenner and many more. On the Friday, a rehearsal dinner saw the likes of Nicole Ritchie, Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller and more in attendance.

No official pictures have surfaced as of yet, but it's understood Lawrence was married in a Dior dress, with Adele reportedly performing her newest single, which hasn't been made public.

Maroney, who works as an art dealer, have been dating since June 2018, and in an podcast interview earlier this year, Lawrence revealed how smitten she was. When asked why she chose to marry him, Lawrence said that she "started with the basics."

"How do I feel? Is he nice? Is he kind? It’s just — this is the one, I know that sounds really stupid but he’s just, he’s — you know. He’s the greatest person I’ve ever met, so I feel very honored to become a Maroney."

Despite all this however, Lawrence admitted she wasn't initially all that set on marriage and "wasn’t at a place where I was like, ‘I’m ready to get married'...", adding that "I just met Cooke and I wanted to marry him. We wanted to marry each other, we wanted to commit fully."

Good for her, so.