Yeah, they're having a larf, but the arch of Emma Watson's back and the resulting concertina chin when her face comes in contact with Jennifer's palm perhaps indicates otherwise... not that we're ones to wrestle with the sh*t stirring stick or anything *ahems*. Either way, it beats the usual plastic face photos that usually come with Paris Fashion Week!

In other news, who knew Hermione was so flexible?! Or that Jennifer Lawrence's face could go that colour?

During the fashion show itself, one Sidney Toledano took the arduous task of keeping them apart, lest they start grappling at each others' bodices. Imagine the scandal.

Those having not nearly as much fun in the run up to the show at Paris Fashion Week included Bianca Jagger, Marion Cotillard, Elena Perminova (her boobs certainly aren't have any fun), and Charlize Theron avec Sean Penn lurking in the background.

Someone who was having an absolute laugh riot altogether was Anna Dello Russo. It's only on the one shoulder. Two shoulders would've been total overkill...