It's always awkward seeing your ex for the first time since you've split, so you can just imagine how awkward it would be to run into your former significant other at something like the BAFTAs. At least Jennifer Lawrence can rest assured knowing she looked damn hot as she graced the red carpet and presented an award on stage. The Silver Lining's Playbook actress looked as radiant as ever in a white bejewelled dress with slicked back hair while Hoult looked sharp in a dark navy tux.

While the ideal moment to have your ex drool over you in total regret that they ever let you go would be as you look ravishing on a red carpet, the Warm Bodies actor, Hoult, arrived late to the ceremony. The Hunger Games actress and Hoult met while filming X-Men: First Class back in 2011. Sadly, they called it a day last month due to the fac that they'd grown apart. Now however, there are rumours abound that Lawrence could well be cosying up to her Silver Lining's co-star Bradley Cooper. Now that's an idea we'd welcome; two of the most down to earth, talented and attractive actors coming together. Imagine the babies!

Also braving the BAFTAs despite rumous of a broken heart, was 27 year old Byzantium (Neil Jordan flick) star Gemma Arterton. Recently, Gemma's been on the receiving end of some gossip mongers suggesting that she has split from her husband Stefano Catelli. While Arterton has yet to make a statement on the matter (well she's not really obliged to, what's it to us?) an alleged 'friend' told the Daily Mail: "It's sad, but her marriage is over... Gemma thought Stefano was the one. He really wore the trousers in the relationship, such was her devotion to him. It happened a couple of months ago. It was a mutual decision." Mmm, some friend.

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