Jennifer Garner, we're starting to fall in love with you a little bit. You're a famous Hollywood actress who manages to be a hands on mother of three (THREE. I can barely manage the one), an extreeeemely supportive wife, and now you're fighting for the liddlers.

Yesterday, Jennifer get on down with the kids on Capitol Hill, to play pretendy tea parties and promote new legislation to expand preschool education. The Huffington Post reports:

    "'We are letting brains go to waste,' Garner said to a crowd of about a hundred, emphasising the advantage preschool can provide to children. 'The playing field is not level.' Garner, of Alias fame, came to Washington to drum up press for the legislation, which was introduced in both chambers Wednesday but has been long in the making... The 10-year plan would create a new federal-state program to help states funnel preschool grant money to districts, charter schools, Head Start programs and similar entities that have been designated as quality-learning providers for low- and moderate-income 4-year-olds."

OK, so anyone still reading is thinking "Um, how does this affect me exactly?" Well, it doesn't, unless you're earning a low-to-moderate-income and a parent in America. Our point is that most folk in Jennifer Garner's situation would simply kick their heels up by the pool, loll about a bit while the nanny minds the childers. Instead she's using her profile to help bring education to all young minds, not just the privileged ones. And that - dear reader - is always worth a mention.

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