Despite not being married yet...

Now now, calm down, there isn't trouble already, it just looks like Aniston is trying to start married life off on the right foot, seeing as it didn't work out so well the last time.

Although it's unknown when Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will tie the knot, we do know that she's planning on making it work this time after recruiting herself and Theroux into an intense three-day therapy session in Santa Monica. Intense would be an understatement, seeing as one of the therapies is 'Screaming Therapy', i.e., you scream at each other to resolve your feelings. I suppose it beats doing it on the honeymoon.

Apparently the roughness doesn't end there either, as they both 'had to address all of their deepest fears and worries' so they could 'move on', which meant Aniston digging deep into her feelings about Brad Pitt running off with Angelina, and Theroux into his shame about that role in Charlies Angels 2. At least that's what we imagine they talked about. Either way, we're still pitching for Team Aniston, so here's hoping it all works out.