She's not called her newborn Victoria, or Woolpack... Fiz off Corrie, and her fella Chris Farr, have called their newborn baby boy Albert. If you don't watch soaps, that's the rival pub to the Queen Vic in EastEnders. That and it's THE cutest name for a baby.

Announcing the happy news (about the birth, and the name) via twitter last night, Jennie McAlpine said:

Ah, the first flush of motherhood. When you've a surge of happy hormones, adrenaline at what you've managed to produce courses through your veins, and everything is right with the world... And then day 3 arrives. Not to put a downer on it or anything, Jennie! Just have lots of tissues and breast pads to hand for the uncontrollable blubbing and the one thing I really wasn't prepared for, and you'll be grand.

The expected flurry of congratulations from her fellow stars flew in...

Even Kirsty had some nice words!

Fiz off Corrie is having a 'baybah', in reality, like