Jeff Goldblum is already a pop culture icon thanks to his roles in the likes of Jurassic Park, Independence Day and The Fly, but he was also very close to being even further ingrained in our lives when Steve Jobs phoned him up one day with an interesting offer. 

Speaking to Australia's Today Show, Goldblum revealed that he was almost the voice of Apple. 

"Steve Jobs called me up a few decades ago to be the voice of Apple. That was early on, and I did not know it was Steve Jobs.”

According toe Goldblum, he turned the offer down because he didn't know it was Jobs himself that he was talking to. Considering this was 'decades ago' it's likely that Jobs had hoped Goldblum would voice Apple's TV adverts rather than be the voice of Siri. Unless Jobs had the foresight to recognise how awesome it would be to have a celebrity voice inside your phone years before he'd even invented said phone. 

Well, he was considered a visionary after all. If nothing else we would like to think that he would have tried to retain Goldblum's services when it came to casting the voice of Siri. 

Via Independent UK