Imagine the conversation... "OHMIGOD, like, we've totally been stranded on our own island, which is kind of cool, we always wanted our own island, we'd call it Jedwardia and it would be filled with slides and fun stuff, but there's nothing on this island but sand and our cousin... Edward have you got coverage on your phone?! QUICK, LET ME CLIMB ON YOUR SHOULDERS TO RING MOM!"

As it turns out, it was a lot scarier than that. Picture the scene. John, Edward and their cousin go for a walk along the Malahide estuary. All is well until they totally lose track of time and have to ring their poor mother, Suzanna, at 10:45pm informing her that they're trapped on shifting sands with the water rising. Easily done. They had reportedly started their walk from Donabate in daylight, but darkness quickly fell once they hit Malahide. It's a trek that can take just under two hours (according to Lord Google).

Suzanna was quick to ring the coastguard, who then deployed their helicopter to spot where the trio were situated. Then a rescue crew were sent.

Speaking with The Irish Sun, Suzanna said: "It was terrifying for the boys. They ended up on shifting sands completely surrounded by water. The Coast Guard got them out at around 1am. I was beside myself, and John and Edward were very badly shaken."

John added: "What we want to get across is how quickly this all happened. This got out of hand before we even realised. We would urge young people to be very careful around water and the sea. This could have been a tragedy but for the good work of the Coast Guard."

See, it could happen to anyone, even those who are extremely educated on the subject...