No, you didn't accidentally click over to Waterford Whispers. This is actually legit.

In a recent interview, John and Edward Grimes - collectively known as Jedward - came out in favour of a Yes vote for the Presidential Age Referendum.

The question before the nation is one that's been hotly debated across the nation. Hah. Just kidding. Most people totally forgot about THAT referendum, which is being held the same day as the Marriage Equality Referendum.

If this referendum passes, it will see the age for standing for election in the Presidential Election fall from 35 to 21, thus allowing the former X-Factor contestants to stand.

Jedward - we don't know which one said it so we'll refer to them as one, homogenised being - said that they're definitely interested in the referendum.

"I'd make some authority for myself. I wouldn't just be a poser, I'd want to get stuff done. I'd full on be out there and make all the decisions, I wouldn't just be signing off on stuff," said one of them.

"We could actually do it," said another one.

The duo have recently returned from Los Angeles, where they were sighted with fellow blonde Tara Reid. Remember her? Exactly.

So, what would be some of Jedward's policies as President? Well, not a whole lot in reality.

The Irish Presidency is essentially a figurehead role, mainly acting in a ceremonial capacity and as an ambassador for Ireland for fellow heads of state.

Still, would you be in favour of President Jedward leading our nation? If an election was called tomorrow, would you vote for them?

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